About Us



We both grew up together playing soccer in Ohio, but now live on opposite coasts (Kyle in Los Angeles and Daniel in Washington, DC). We are soccer enthusiasts who are students of the game. Inspired by the superior tactical and statistical analysis of writers like Jonathan Wilson, Simon Kuper, and Michael Cox, we have created Soccermetrica to attempt to provide insight into the game through the analysis of data. The use of data is very much integral to our analytic approach; hence, the name of the blog, which is a play on the name of the economics journal Econometrica. The sport is in the midst of what Kuper has termed "football's data revolution," as clubs begin to increasingly rely on data and statistical analysis in their decision making. More and more data on soccer are becoming available to wider audiences, and we at Soccermetrica strive to make a little sense of some of these data. While we tend to focus on the Premier League, we also hope to analyze the Champions League, international matches, MLS, and assorted other leagues. Please direct any comments or questions to soccermetrica@gmail.com.