A comparison of Arsenal's 2010-2011 BPL season with the current season

Arsenal had a perfectly fine 2010-2011 season, but it was certainly nothing more. Based on a small set of performance metrics, Arsenal's performance, unsurprisingly, has declined since last year's quite average season.

Arsenal have collected on average 1.61 points per game in the Premier League compared to 1.79 last season. While 0.18 points per game might not seem like a large difference, it equates to almost a 7 point difference in a 38 game season. Furthermore, with Manchester United, City, and Tottenham, at the top of the league, Arsenal are vying with Chelsea, Liverpool, and Newcastle to secure a much coveted finish in the top 4 in order to qualify for the Champions League. Compared to last season, Arsenal have scored fewer goals and conceded more goals per game, which has resulted in a per game goal difference of 0.26 this season in comparison to 0.76 last season. Finally, Arsenal are not out-passing opponents as much as they did last season. On average, Arsenal have completed about 154 more passes than their opponent this season, while they completed about 188 more passes on average last season. In fact, opposing teams have completed more passes than Arsenal in 6 of the 23 games played (26.1 percent). In all 38 games last season, opponents were able to out-pass Arsenal on only 3 occasions (7.9 percent).