Brief thoughts on Liverpool FC's reaction to Suárez

A lot has been written on the Luis Suárez controversy, so I don't think there is much to add to the conversation. Even so, I'm going to go ahead and do so. I have heard some analysts and commentators ask whether Kenny Dalglish has done harm to his legacy by returning to Liverpool and leading them to mediocrity. I don't think that he has harmed his legacy as a result of the club's underwhelming performance, but he has done severe, perhaps irreperable, harm to his reputation through his unequivocal, visceral support of Suárez. Fans of the Premier League have expressed shock that Suárez refused Patrice Evra's hand. I am not in the slightest. Dalglish and LFC had the gall to declare that Suárez was in fact the victim of slander perpetrated by an agent of their chief rival, Manchester United. Dalglish and LFC continued propagating this characterization even after the FA released a report documenting that Suárez admitted to calling Evra "negro." Why should Suárez not act like the victim if his club and manager have told him and declared to the rest of the world that he is? It's appalling to me that it has taken Fenway Sports Group this long to react to behavior that has been, without argument, incredibly damaging to LFC's reputation and, thus, the club's brand. The decision makers at Liverpool seemed to have made the poorest of judgments. Suárez is a football player; he is a good one, but nevertheless, he is still only a football player. And, no single player is bigger than his club, especially a club as steeped in tradition and pride as Liverpool Football Club. Shame on Kenny Dalglish, shame on Fenway Sports Group, and shame on Liverpool Football Club.